Adult Ministries

  • Women On The Wall   

    On the last Saturday of each month, from 9:00am – noon, women of all ages and from many different churches in East Toronto gather to pray. Come and join us for a powerful time together as we pray – for the next generation, for our communities and for God to move in a mighty way in our city!


    WOW is revamping stay tuned for further details. Monthly meetings have been cancelled.


    GKM Women’s Ministry  

     Who is it for?  Women: single, married, young or old

    What is its goal? Connecting women of all all ages in the church, providing an environment for them to grow spiritually, emotionally and to live life with purpose and significance.

    Leader:  Leadership Team with Pastoral oversight

    Details:  This ministry meets quarterly, and plan special events such as annual retreats, conferences, and workshops.

    Each month the ladies join with other ladies across the GTA for Women on the Wall Prayer gatherings.

     We welcome you to come and be a part of what God is doing in the lives of the ladies at GKM.


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  • Men’s Ministry

    Who we are?    We are GKM Kingdom Knights

    The Purpose

    All men are invited to join us for breakfast and for a time of fellowship and food.

    Our main objective is to establish relationships with the men, using practical everyday situations men have to deal with, using an open forum of discussion. 

    We are there to make friends with our brothers in Christ and also to encourage each other and to minister to who ever needs to be ministered.

    What we do

    We meet for breakfast every 2 months on a Saturday, from approximately 8:30 a.m. -11:30am


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  • Married Life

    Who we are?    Married couples of all ages.

    The Purpose

    Married Life provides events where marriages (of any length) can be enriched.

    What we do

    Married Life Cafe, Couple Night Out, Other Events


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  • Community ESLClasses / English as a Second Language

    Who is it for?             New immigrants

    What is its goal?          To help non-English speakers function in an English environment

    Leader:  Volunteer tutors – with Pastoral oversight

    Details:  We offer Free Day Time classes Tues & Thurs (10am-12pm), Night Classes, Mon & Wed (7-9pm). Spring and Fall Sessions

    Spring Session Begins, TBA. Registration-TBA



    A community demonstrating the power of God’s Kingdom by...
    proclaiming freedom to the captives;
    healing the bruised and broken; and announcing the favour of the Lord