Kingdom Kids (0-10)

  • Kingdom core valuesKingdom Kids Every Sunday

    Early Childhood Ministry:
    8:30 & 11 am – newborn to kindergarten
    8:30 & 11 am – Grades 1-5 

    Kid's Praise Choir: Every Saturday 10 am - noon.  Ages 3-10.  Call Pastor Patrice at 416-438-1601 ext: 244 for more information.

    Baby Dedication:
    Every other Month,
    Please call Pastor Josh at 416-438-1601, ext: 231 to inquire about baby dedication


    Reaching Kids for ETERNITY with POWER

    Reaching Kids for Eternity....

    E Children should always enjoy being part of God’s Kingdom.

    T Children should tell of their love, by their actions and speech to other children both locally and around the world.

    E Children should have an experience with the Holy Spirit through prayer, worship and the Word.

    R Children should be responsible in using their gifts and talents as leaders.

    N Children should be spiritually nurtured by those who work with them

    I Children will live a life of integrity and honesty before God and others.

    T Children and workers will be encouraged to teamwork, as no group can do it alone.

    Y There is a general yearning for heaven in the hearts and minds of children and adults.

    ...With Power...

    P Pray about everything and anything

    O Discover opportunities for growth

    W Every action must be worship.

    E Expect God to work, through every interaction with a child

    R Be ready to serve, in attitude and actions.


  • Reaching Kids for Eternity with PowerKingdom kids

    All of our children’s ministries have one goal – to reach them for eternity and to teach them to be Kingdom Kids. There is a place here on Sundays at GKM for every child, of every age.

    As you enter through the front doors of GKM, our greeters will be pleased to direct you to the Children’s Ministry registration desk in the atrium, to the extreme right of the auditorium doors.

    You’ll discover, for your peace of mind, that we have created a reliable and efficient system of registration, enabling your child to worship, learn and experience God’s love in a secure and joyful environment!