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  • Missions and Outreach has always been a priority here at GKM. There is a life-time purpose over this place. As lives are transformed they are equipped and sent out to transform others – here at home, and all around the world! In fact, many of the Global Workers we support have been sent out right from our very own church community!

    We would like to introduce you to our families and the projects supported by GKM IN 2012-2013:

    Rob and Carol-Lee Heyman – THAILAND
    Tony and Chan Meikle – SRI LANKA
    Restricted – (Restricted Access Nation)
    Bill and Elveera Redwood - INDIA

    Deaf Ministry International: Neal and Jacqueline Boafo – Ghana

    Harvest Training School: Yohan Heenatigala - Sri Lanka

    Scarboro Outreach: Carmen Padilla Faraon – Philippines
    Turkana Feeding Program:
    Debra Sirjoosingh – Kenya
    SEEDS International – 

    GKM initiatives - ESL, Tutoring Club, Campuses, Kid's Outreach
    Metro East Teen Challenge Home for Girls



    “We’re going places…and as we go we will make disciples of all nations.”
  • Mission Report on El Salvador by Nadine Foskin and Curtis Kuseler


    This past July, we were part of a group of 14 young adults, sent from Agincourt Pentecostal Church to El Salvador in Central America. This Short Term Missions’ team was made up of individuals from several other churches including GKM.

    El Salvador is a beautiful country of rich volcanic soil and lush greenery, but below the surface, beneath it’s beauty, is a prevailing darkness.

    El Salvador is a developing country that endured 12 years of civil war ending in 1992. It left the country in disarray and overrun by poverty and violence. Much of the violence is due to an overwhelming gang presence. Sixty percent of the population lives on less than $2 per day; this is compounded by natural disasters like flooding, hurricanes, and mudslides.

    Our team partnered with an organization called King’s Castle, established in El Salvador in 1989. As part of their mission they serve in different communities, reaching out and meeting various needs. They minister in practical ways, provide food for local families, and continually pray for the people, but they are most committed, “to introducing Jesus to every child”.

    Some places were considered dangerous and there was never any guarantee of how people would respond. The team had to be flexible, the programs or destinations could be changed at any time. Every day was an adventure, from 14 people being crammed into the back of an open truck going up a steep mountain trail, to hours of bumpy roads on a school bus, to ministering on the streets for the kids, in 33°C heat.

    During the mission, we were able to go into several neighborhoods, visiting door-to-door, and praying for the needs of people, young and old. We spoke, sang, danced, and acted out dramas. Many children were reached through the ministry programs and were able to connect with the local King’s Castle Church or pastor in their area.

    King’s Castle Ministry has continually sought to reach El Salvador, by targeting the areas where the need is greatest. Much emphasis is placed on reaching the children early, as gangs try to recruit them at a very young age.

    King’s Castle has purposed to “raise up an army of young, Spirit-filled warriors to invade Latin America with the simple message that 'Jesus saves and is coming soon.'“ Children are led through levels of discipleship where they learn to lead and evangelize other children, maturing and growing in their faith in incredible ways.

    For example, there was Kevin, a 7-year-old boy who was advancing through the ranks of discipleship. He gave his testimony to the group. His enthusiasm, confidence, and assurance were inspiring. He spoke with the maturity that a seasoned speaker would show.  He was only one example of the fruit that this ministry regularly produces.

    While we were there, the team did:

    15 programs

    953 people heard the gospel

    423 people accepted Christ for the 1st time

    783 needs were prayed for personally

    The El Salvador STM team is so grateful for the support and encouragement received from GKM. It was an amazing opportunity to share in the work of the kingdom. Your prayers helped us on our journey. Though the time there seemed so short, we experienced so much. So many needs, so little time. The people of El Salvador received us with open arms. They readily shared their hearts, and listened to ours. Seeing the honesty and sincerity of their faith, and how powerfully God can move through what seems like the simplest of things, this was life changing

    Thank you!


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