Website Credit

  • It takes a team to put a website like this together.  We appreciate all of the giftings of the following people:

    Logo Design:
    Evangelist Asif Hassan,

    Website Design Concept:

    CMS Integration and Social Networking:

    Writers / Editors:
    Darla Grant
    Naomi Weerasooriya
    Melissa Small


    Kenrick Bagnall,
    Rensford De Haan,
    Malliga Nathan,
    Natalie Barlett,
    Mark Steele,
    Marina Hofman Willard

    Website Maintenance and Support:
    Simon Thangasamy
    Pastor Godfrey Adderley
    Laura Bowers
    Dianne Johnston

    Wei Jian (Podcast)
    Natalie De Freitas

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